Sentry Digital Currency Consulting & Trading is a highly experienced and professionally trusted company.

We do Bit Coin Investment Trading. We prefer long term investments but will work with the individual client. However we do state that Bit Coin like any Crypto Currency Trading or Regular Wall Street Trading is not a get Rich Quick Scheme. It is a good investment for those who see it potential now and in





"I, Chris Pine, Actor, Celebrity and Now since 2017 adding in Professional Business Consultant, Manager and Business Bit Coin Investment Trader as well as Co-Owner of Sentry Digital Currency Consultant and Trader, will be personally assisting you and doing your trading in bit coins as a professional experienced trusted high integrity and ethics trader."

"Here at Sentry Digital Currency Consulting and Trading, I want you to do your research and I hope you will chose me to establish and watch over your personal investment, whether for retirement, funds for the future college of your children, for building your own investments, to start a business of your own that you have been dreaming about  and making it a reality, to expand your current business or even saving up for traveling around the world and see all those places you have always wanted to see when you retire. Bit Coin is a substantial investment that I feel is strong and is at the Booming Stage that will be around for a long term. It is NOT the New Best Thing, but is a secure investment with Sentry Digital Currency Consulting and Trading. Bit Coin Trading and Investment is NOW THE FUTURE."

"As an investment into your future you will be experiencing how bit coin currency can be a great investment whether long term or short term with the right business and experienced high integrity professional investment trader and consultant with ethics."

"But Again I Stress, that this is NOT a Pyramid Scheme or Get Rich Scheme and their is ONLY One Chris Pine and Sentry Digital Currency Consulting and Trading. Please make sure you are connecting to the right one."

"Bit Coin Trading Does have its ups and downs, just like any market trading including wall street trading, and you must go in with your eyes open. We care about You the investor, helping You establish your presence in the market as an investor as well as legally doing it the Right way."

"I Will be posting Future articles here on this website.

"Thank you for considering our company. It would be an honor and a pleasure to assist you in your investments.



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