5 Star *****


"I, Dr. Rose Ann Schwab, Highly Recommend Sentry Digital Currency Consulting & Trading. I have know Chris Pine now over 10 years, and found him to be of outstanding character and integrity. I highly recommend Chris in any endeavor or field of expertise and it is truly an honor to know Chris Pine in his Bit Coin Investment Business."

 "I personally do not do the bit coin trading  this is Chris's business. We are two different businesses. We are not connected in business. I have  been shown by Chris that Bit Coin Trading like the Markets off Wall Street Trading, can and is a benefit when trading is done by the right  "experienced trader and business"  that is of "integrity with ethics in trading industry".


"Hi, I'm Mary from TX, Chris has been fantastic in his long term investments for me. I highly recommend him to all investors.



Chris Pine has been a great and knowledgeable asset in bit coin trading long term investor for my company. Chris has my highest recommendation for his experience, knowledgeable background in bit coin trading and high integrity in his investments for my company.  I am Joe from Seattle. Chris I truly want to thank you for your long term trading and investment strategy and your high integrity in this business with so few that are. 







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