For Further Information Please contact us through our office Email (not currently set up): or through our office. My Assistant will be honored to assist you in scheduling an appointment with me, if you are seriously interested in Bit Coin Trading. As an Experienced Expert, I will be honored to help you in your investment needs in regards to Bit Coin Trading.  I do offer long term trading for my clients.

Bit Coin is not a get rich scheme and works better as a long term trading interest.

Please read through our website and make sure you full understand the ups and down of trading.  We do highly recommend that you research bit coin and Crypto Currency trading thoroughly then if you choose to do Bit Coin Investment Trading, it will be my pleasure and honor to work with you.


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Please do your research on Crypto and Bit Coin Investments on the internet as well as reading information on this website.... before calling.

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High Integrity, Honesty, Ethics, and Working in Positive Light Energy ...Please if you receive normal ringing time or area to leave a message where you do not get my assistant right away..... please DO leave a message if you are sincerely interested, because you are important to me but if you don't reach one of us... it means we are with a client, in a meeting, stepped away from the desk or it is after hours.....Please leave your  complete name, phone number and what your goals or plans are and how I can help you.  Your information is kept strictly confidential at all times and in protecting the integrity of your privacy as our client...which is rare in this day and age. 

Chris Pine

Co Owner, Manager  and Trading Expert of Sentry Digital Currency Consulting & Trading


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