"Hi, I am a Celebrity, Actor and Entertainer who has stared in many movies and roles from my first role in "Princess Diaries", to "Star Trek",  and "Wonder Woman"  with many in betweens to the  current Movies Now out  such as the "Contractor", and "All the Old Knives," but now I'm playing my greatest role since 2017 as CEO and Manager of Sentry Digital Currency Consulting and Trading for Bit Coin."

"I do long term investments for my clients who understand the ups and downs of trading whether in Crypto Currency trading or on Wall Street market trading. I do work with all kinds of individuals but prefer long term investment trading clients."

"Many individuals think that Bit Coin investment Trading is a Quick way to become Rich or is bad and should not use it as an investment, it is not. Bit Coin has been around for a long time and is the trading industry now and in the future to come. Yes, there are bad or dark people that do bad things with Crypto Currency, but that is just like any industry, business or trading market, there are good or light/positive engery people and there are bad or dark/negative people.

We here at Sentry Digital Currency Consulting & Trading Offer Experienced High Integrity, Ethics and Professional Trading in Bit Coin in the light. We are partnered  with Angelic Inspirations LLC  who is established accurate and credible reputation of over 55 years.

We strongly believe that Crypto Currency Consulting and Trading can be done in a manner that is in the open, legal, in the light, with high integrity and ethics for our clients. We firmly believe  and strive in giving our clients our best one on one customer service and protection of their privacy and their integrity as our clients.

Sentry Digital Currency Consulting and Trading is a Legal Trading Service and Business with you the Client in mind.

We do limit the number of clients to give the best one on one customer service.  We qualify our clients and protect the integrity of our clients information. Please remember that there will be many to be claiming to be  or looking like ...Rose at Angelic Inspirations LLC or me, Chris Pine Actor & Celebrity here at Sentry Digital Currency Consulting and Trading, but there is only one of us at each business and we do things legally and in the light of positive energy. We never coerce or force you, we never steal your emails or names, bank accounts, investments or phone numbers or anything else.... We are above board and do not hide things or do bad things. We are what you see... good individuals of the light and positive energy force.... trying to make a difference one step at a time. We ask you to join us moving forward to in the light with positive energy in advancement and unity of all regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation.

We are of the light and work in the laws legally, that pay taxes and declare all transactions. We are not in any way connected to any other claims by individuals and their similar but different spellings or forms of our business names. We are not in any way connected to darkness or those who use others emails, names or phone numbers without authorization and in signed documentation at all times as is required in our policies.



Chris Pine Actor, Celebrity and The Voice for Sentry Digital Currency Consulting and Trading



 Co Owner, Manager  and Professional Business and Bit Coin Trading Expert of Sentry Digital Currency Consulting & Trading




(As in any business that is connected to trading.... we  partnership with high integrity, honest and ethics in the light and showing the path of light with others in recommending them and standing strong in unity when they openly share  ... with others they deal with in every day acceptance of all regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation ... in their business....

Angelic Inspirations LLC  and Sentry Digital Currency Consulting and Trading firmly advocate Crypto Currency especially Bit Coin, and hope in the future it will become regulated in all countries to move all as one in unity in positive light energy in the future of what is and will become the greatest investment trading of all times in all crypto currencies as seen by Rose. 

Angelic Inspirations and Dr. Rose is not a bit coin trader or trading company. To clear up a personal false information .We are TWO  DIFFERENT, separated not connected businesses. What is true about our partnership is showing high integrity, honesty and ethics in our businesses.. . We do however highly recommend each other and others who wish connect with us. Dr. Rose Ann Schwab of Angelic Inspirations LLC did design this website, graphics and website from visions she had back in 2017. 



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